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History for January 5:

1589 - Catherine de Medici, Queen of France, died
1809 - Treaty of Dardanelles was concluded between Britain and France
1850 - The California Exchange opens.
1914 - Henry Ford announces a minimum wage of $5 for an eight hour day.
1922 - Sir Ernest Shackleton, Antarctic explorer, dies aboard his ship.
1925 - Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming becomes first woman governor.
1933 - Work on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge begins, on Marin County side.
1962 - Tony Sheridan and Beatles produce My Bonnie and The Saints.
1964 - Pope Paul VI visits Jordan and Israel.

1779 - Stephen Decatur, early American Naval hero.
1855 - King Camp Gillette, inventor of the safety razor.
1876 - Konrad Adenauer, German Chancellor
1925 - Nellie Tayloe Ross, 1st woman governor of Wyoming
1928 - Walter Mondale, Vice-President
1940 - Dany Saval
1946 - Diane Keaton, Actress
1954 - Pamela Sue Martin in Connecticut

Predict the Future Day

January 5, 1066 - King Edward died.

1757 - Jean-Francois Damiens attempted to assassinate Louis XV of France as he was entering his carriage at Versailles. He was later executed.

1914 - Ford Motor Company proudly announced that there would be a new daily minimum wage of $5 and a (shortened to) eight-hour work day.

1919 - The Nazi Party was founded by Adolf Hitler.

1925 - Nellie Taylor Ross took up her post as governor of Wyoming and became the first woman governor in the United States.

1956 - Screen actress Grace Kelly announced to the press her marriage engagement to Monaco's Prince Ranier III.

1998 - Sonny Bono, age 62, was killed after slamming into a tree while skiing at a resort in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Born today:
1864 - George Washington Carver
1918 - Jeane Dixon, American clairvoyant, astrologer, columnist, and writer. 1931 - Robert Duvall (Academy Award-winning actor)
Diane Keaton, Pamela Sue Martin.

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