American industrialist (1863-1947). While he did not invent the automobile, he made it cheaper and easier to produce by utilizing mass production and the moving assembly line. He was the founder of the Ford Motor Company, which was incorporated in 1903.

Though Ford is revered in many circles as a man who helped to make American big business possible, he was also a huge scumbag. He was abusive to everyone he could get away with, including his son Edsel and his employees -- in exchange for paying them well, he worked them like slaves and demanded they live up to his personal moral code. He also employed anti-union thugs to intimidate his workers.

Ford was also a huge fan of racism, antisemitism, and the Nazis. He bought his hometown newspaper, the Dearborn Independent, and used it to promote his increasingly weird hatred of Jews. He hated jazz and associated it with Jews, so he spent millions to promote square dancing, which he felt was a pure white artform, in American schools. He also claimed everything wrong with baseball -- baseball! -- was because of Jews. He was a promoter of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion hoax, and popular legend says that Ford and Adolf Hitler kept signed photographs of each other at their desks.

Ford's antisemitism was actually deeply unpopular. It caused a slump in car sales, and Ford dealers, who were requred by the company to distribute copies of the Dearborn Independent, would sometimes buy up and destroy copies of the paper rather than alienate potential buyers with their boss's noxious beliefs. Ford eventually released a statement saying he recanted and apologized for his beliefs, but his signature was forged by a business associate, and Ford apparently never truly recanted. 

It's said that Ford suffered his last and most serious stroke after he was shown newsreel footage of Nazi concentration camps. This may or may not be true -- but what is objectively true is that Henry Ford was a Nazi shit, and Nazis roast in Hell. 

The God in Brave New World. They make a T instead of a cross and say Ford instead of Lord.

A well-known anti-semite, Henry Ford, published anti-Jewish slanders and was awarded the highest medal Hitler could award a foreigner (The Grand Cross of the German Eagle). Ford was even named in Hitler's auto-biography, Mein Kampf, as the only man in America who was fully independent from Jewish control.

A US Army report shows Ford, the company, as an enthusiastic supporter of Hitler's regime whose German division made huge profits in becoming an "arsenal of Nazism."

Like GM, Ford claims to have lost control of its German division, Fordwerke, before it started using forced labor. However, according to a well-researched and damning report in The Nation, "Robert Schmidt, the man appointed to run Ford Werke in 1939, states that the company used forced laborers even before the Nazis put the plant in trusteeship." Ford also placed a rabid Nazi as head of Fordwerke, and US Government documents show that Ford was in constant communication with the Ford plants in Nazi-occupied Vichy France.

From a US Forces report on Fordwerke: "Of the 350,000 trucks which the motorized German army possessed in 1942, 100,000 to 120,000 were Ford-built. Of the Wehrmacht's total of 650,000 mobile units of all kinds, 15 to 20% were built by Ford, including approximately 10,000 half-trucks."

It's interesting to note that while Americans of Japanese ancestry were rounded up and placed in camps by the US government, large companies like Ford were allowed to help build the Nazi military without much interference.

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