Jan And Dean were/are Jan Berry and Dean Torrence, a duo who made surf music in the early 60s, mostly very derivative of the Beach Boys. (Jan And Dean began their career earlier but only found their style after the Boys' success)

Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and/or his occasional collaborator Roger Christian co-wrote most of the duo's hits with Berry, including Surf City, Drag City, Ride The Wild Surf, Dead Man's Curve and The Little Old Lady (From Pasadena). Dean Torrence returned the favour by appearing on the Beach Boys Party! album, singing lead on the hit Barbara Ann. Torrence actually appeared on relatively few of the duo's records, the falsetto parts he sang live usually being taken by P.F. Sloan (writer of Eve Of Destruction, who also wrote songs for the band with his prtner in the Fantastic Baggys Steve Barri. Brian Wilson also occasionally added vocals to the duo's records.

However, the duo's career was cut short after Jan was severely injured in a car accident.

Both have since attempted to get back into music - Dean Torrence usually in collaboration with Mike Love or as part of the Legendary Masked Surfers, which featured at various times Curt Boettcher, Gary Usher, Brian Wilson, Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher. The duo also tour the nostalgia circuit. Dean Torrence has also designed album covers for artists including the Beach Boys and Harry Nilsson.

Update 28/03/04 Jan Berry died on Saturday March 27th 2004. He was 63 and had been seriously ill for most of the last half of his life.

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