One of the unsung heroes of 60s music, Gary Usher had a huge influence on the growth of American music throughout that decade.

Usher is still most famous for his collaborations with Brian Wilson for the Beach Boys - songs like "409" and "In My Room". But he had a number of hits himself with various other artists (such as the Hondells) making hot rod records (essentially the same as surf music, but with lyrics about cars). He also produced several albums for the Byrds, and worked with Curt Boettcher on the Sagittarius, Ballroom and Millennium albums. (Sagittarius' "My World Fell Down", which Usher masterminded and which features Curt Boettcher, Bruce Johnston, Terry Melcher and Glen Campbell, is the best Beach Boys imitation ever, and features on the classic Nuggets compilation.)

Usher died in 1990, but many of his previously unreleased recordings are now seeing the light of day. See for more details.

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