Harmony pop producer of the late 60s. Worked on Along Comes Mary by the Association, and went on to work with Gary Usher and a band called the Millennium on various projects, most of which remained unreleased, although many are now finally coming out, licensed by House Of Usher productions (www.garyusher.com for details).

In the 70s he worked as part of the Legendary Masked Surfers and California Music with such figures as Brian Wilson, Bruce Johnston and Gary Usher, and worked on Dennis Wilson's solo album Pacific Ocean Blue, before seemingly losing all his once-mighty talent, and working on the Beach Boys' disco track Here Comes The Night (10 minutes long!), Bruce Johnston's dreadful solo Going Public, and Mike Love's utterly diabolical solo album Looking Back With Love. He died in the late 80s.

But he should be remembered for work like the Present Tense album by Sagittarius, and his own Misty Mirage album. Poptones has recently issued Misty Mirage and California Music under Boettcher's name, as well as Again by The Millennium, Sandy by Sandy Salisbury and The Blue Pearl by Sagittarius in its ongoing attempt to bring the work of Boettcher and Gary Usher to a wider audience.
And remember - wearing Levis is better than wearing pants.

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