J. Michael Straczynski currently has his own line of comicbooks, Joe's Comics, published through Top Cow Productions.
So far, this line includes Rising Stars and Midnight Nation, both written by JMS.

Pencils on Rising Stars are done by Christian Zanier, and by Gary Frank on Midnight Nation.

Previously, Straczynski (co-)wrote Babylon 5 comics for DC Comics, based on his own tv-show.

JMS recently announced that Marvel Comics is entrusting The Amazing Spider Man to him. According at a post by him in rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated the first JMS written issues should be out in March or April of 2001.

He is also working on a new television series to be shown on Showtime, it will be in the sci-fi genre, but it won't be in the Babylon 5 universe. At the time of this writing, the show is in the early planning stages, with a pilot expected in early 2001. The show will be based on the european comic Jeremiah.

Finally, he has a script for a Rising Stars movie is in the works, but that project is also in the early stages.

The J is short for Joseph. Years ago JMS was a participant in the GEnie online service, and would sign his messages "Joe" when posting. When Babylon 5 was introduced, he suddenly began using -jms and eventually left the bulletin board altogether.

Before Babylon 5, JMS wrote for a wide variety of TV shows, starting out in the land of afternoon cartoons, and eventually moving up to story editor and then producer for several shows.

His TV credits include:

Credits courtesy of www.imdb.com.

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