Iomega has also released a new product, Peerless. Just looking at the ads makes me drool. This baby is smaller, faster, and stores way more than the Jaz: fits in the palm of your hand, 15 MBps (that's bytes, not bits), comes with 10 Gb and 20 Gb cartridges, retails for 200+ USD, supports modular connectivity (SCSI, USB, firewire, you name it!) The firewire connection means it will be good for video cams, digital cameras, and perhaps even recording broadcast TV. I've read that the product was developed together with IBM, who has recently invented some new new technology for storage devices which will boost storage capacities way beyond what was previously deemed feasible. I suspect it is this technology that Iomega is using.

BTW, I am not affiliated with Iomega or IBM. I'm just a guy that loves cool techie toys, and I really like Iomega, and can personally testify that their tech-support service is superb: I've had some problems with my Jaz drive before (thing refused to eject), and the tech support was prompt, courteous, competent and of course, solved my problem (there is a little aperture at the front panel of the Jaz, which if you poke with a little pin, like re-setting a Palm, you can force an eject -- my Jaz disk was ejected, undamaged).

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