A general trademarked qualifier for media drives using Laser Servo technology utilizing 3 1/2 Magneto-optical disks or regular floppy disks. At the core of the technology is using disk media that is written with a magnetic-flux head, but read with a laser.

The technology was jointly developed by Panasonic and Imation in the early 1990's and made it's first appearance in 1994 as the LS-120 SuperDisk (or just LS-120).

It was released to the public at nearly the same time as the popular IOmega Zip Drive and while the media was slightly cheaper, the LS-120 drive didn't catch on in the same way that the Zip Drive did.

While there are several differnet form factors of LS-technology drives, they come in one of two flavors: the LS-120 and the newer LS-240 released in 2001.

These kinds of drives are sometimes called 'SuperDrives', though that moniker actually applies to unreleated types of drives made by Apple Computer.

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