MJPEG, or Motion-JPEG, is a standard codec for encoding video clips, popular with many video capture cards, such as IOMega Buz, the Miro DC series of cards, and the LML33, Matrox Marvel, all using a Zoran chip, and the multitude of cards using the Brooktree BT848 chip.

As the name suggests, the video clip is basically stored as a series of JPEG images. MJPEG is not a file format however, but needs to be encapsulated in another format. Both AVI and QuickTime movies support the MJPEG codec.

As the frames of an MJPEG stream consists of whole pictures, no temporal compression can be done, and the result is a very large movie file. With 25% JPEG quality and standard PAL format (720x576), I ended up on approximately 4 - 5 gigabytes per hour recorded. So, if you're low on disk space, re-encoding to an MPEG 1 or 2 stream is usually a good idea.

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