A cartridge based backup drive manufactured by SyQuest and designed to work with Mac's/Windows (although their website claims that the drive will work on MS-DOS and UNIX although it does not specified what flavors).

The SyJet allows for 3 different installations: The cartridges weigh under 3 ounces and have a 1.5GB storage capacity. The SyJet drive weighs under 24 ounces, can be positioned horizontally or vertically and fits in a 3.5inch drive bay.

Also included is the usual backup and maintenance software, BIOS flashing, different games depending on the operating system you purchased the drive for, and various other little programs.

Technical Information:
  • Seek/Access time: 12msec average, 24msec max
  • Average latency: 5.55msec
  • 5400 RPM

  • SCSI data transfer rate: 5 MB/sec async, 10 MB/sec sync
  • EIDE data transfer rate: 16.6 MB/sec burst
  • Parallel port data transfer rate: 1.25 MB/sec sustained, 2 MB/sec burst
  • Sustained data transfer rate (EIDE/SCSI): 5.6 MB/sec average

  • Drive dimensions: 1" x 4" x 5.75"
  • Cartridge dimensions: 0.39" x 3.89" x 3.97"
Source: http://www.syquest.com

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