Before the Incan conquest of the ancient Peruvian peoples, every family and village had their own gods which they worshipped. These gods tended to be trees, flowers, herbs, mountains, caves, animals and stones. The bear, jaguar and puma were worshipped for their strength; the monkey and fox for their cunning; the screech owl because it was beautiful; the condor because of its size. Snakes were given special reverence, especially the largest and most dangerous of snakes.

When the Inca began their consolidation of power, they assimilated the local deities into their own traditions, much like the Roman conquerors did throughout Europe, and brought together many different beliefs into one official "state" religion.

Below is a list of the most common deities and descriptions of what aspects of life they ruled. Some have already been noded, others are still to be done.

Apocatequil - Inca god of lightning.
Apu Illapu - Inca god of thunder.
Apu Punchau - Another name for the Sun god. See Inti.

Catequil - Inca god of thunder and lightning.
Chasca - Inca name for the planet Venus, goddess of the dawn and twilight who was also the servant of the sun. Chasca protected virgins and very young girls.
Chasca Coyllur - Inca god of flowers and protector of maidens.
Cocomama - Inca goddess of health and happiness.
Coniraya - Inca god of the Moon, also a prankster god.


Hanan Pacha - The higher world, heaven. Only the souls of just may go there by crossing a bridge made of woven hair.
Huacas - Inca gods of nature as seen in rocks, mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, streams; all nature.

Illapa - Inca god of lightning, thunder and rainstorms.
Ilyap'a - Inca god of weather.

Ka-Ata-Killa - Moon goddess worshipped at Lake Titicaca. Pre-Incan.
Kon - Inca god of rain and southern winds. Son of Inti and brother of Pachacamac.

Mama Allpa - Inca goddess of the earth and harvest. She was shown having many breasts, to indicate fertility.
Mama Cocha - Inca mother goddess and goddess of the sea. She was the mother of all humanity and the provider of fish. Wife to Viracocha.
Mama Oello - Inca mother goddess who taught the Inca's spinning. Daughter of Inti and Mama Quilla.
Mama Pacha - Inca goddess of the earth, of planting and harvesting and creativity. Pachacamac, the ancient creative spirit, came from her. She is depicted as a great dragon which causes earthquakes.
Mama Quilla - Inca goddess of the Moon. Daughter of Virachocha, wife of Inti and mother of Manco Capac. The ruling Inca's wife was considered to be the living representative of Mama Quilla.
Manco Capac - Father of the Inca peoples and god of fire. Brother of Pachacamac.

Ono pacakoti - The Great Flood. Viracocha sent the Ono pacakoti to destroy a race of giants he had created. Viracocha saved two of them to help him create a new world and new people.

Pachacamac - Inca god of earth and creator of the world. Husband to Mama Pacha and brother to Viracocha and Manco Capac.
Pachayachachic - Inca ruler of the Universe.
Pariacaca - God of rain, water and storms. Originally born as a falcon, he became human. Pre-Incan.
Paricia - God of the flood. This god released the flood because humans were unkind to him. Pre-Incan.
Punchau - Inca god of Sun and war.


Uca Pacha - The lower world, or underworld, at the center of the earth. The souls of the damned reside here and are hungry for forever.
Urcaguary - Inca god of underground treasures.

Viracocha - Inca First God, or supreme god, Sun god, god of storms.


Zaramama - Inca goddess of grain and corn.


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