This was the name given to the sacred sun virgins among the Incas. In times of dire emergencies they willingly sacrificed their lives to appease the gods. In the scope of the religion the woman had extreme importance, is observed so much in the land of the pantheon Inca, like in the land of the religious institutions, pillars both of the spiritual world. Between the Gods, she honored by his veneration the goddess Pachamama, Earth goddess, was the procreator of the first men, plants and animals, for that reason she was very venerated in the domestic scope. The more important religious institution was the Virgins of the Sun as the conquerors called. This privileged group the one of the selected women or Aclla, whose organization and way of life as much called the attention of the conquerors, generates discussions on the exactitude of this institution. Most of the historians accept that these women were selected or chosen from the puberty, between the daughters of the town and next to those of the nobility and that they were educated and prepared to fulfill important missions.

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