The Etruscans were the civilization that most influenced the Roman civilization, and the Romans adapted many of their gods from the Etruscans. The Etruscan nation was a collection of 12 city-states which were assumed by the Romans in 265 BCE.

Alpan - Etruscan goddess of love and the underworld. She is a member of the Lasas.
Ani - Etruscan god of the sky, thought to live in the highest heaven. Similar to the Roman god Janus.
Aplu - Etruscan god of thunder and lightning. Usually depicted as wearing a laurel wreath. Similar to the Greek god Apollo.
Artume - Etruscan goddess of the night and death, but also represents growth in nature. Comparable to the Greek goddess Artemis.
Atunis - Etruscan god of love. Paired with Turan. Similar to the Greek god Adonis.

Cautha - Etruscan god of the sun, also known as Cath.
Charontes - Etruscan demons of death. Perhaps similar to the Greek god Charon.
Charun - Etruscan demon of death who torments the deceased in the underworld. Similar to the Greek god Charon.
Culsu - Etruscan demon (female) who guards the entrance to the underworld.

Evan - Etruscan goddess of personal immortality. She is a member of the Lasas.

Februus - Etruscan god of the underworld and purification. The month of February was named for him.
Feronia - Etruscan goddess of fire and fertility.


Laran - Etruscan god of war.
Lasa - Etruscan female deities and guardians of graves. They attend to Turan.
Losna - Etruscan moon goddess.

Mania - Etruscan guardian of the underworld.
Mantus - Etruscan god of the underworld.
Menrva - Etruscan goddess of war. Similar to the Greek goddess Athena. She was also thought to have been born from a godhead, in her case, the god was Tinia. The Roman goddess Minerva is derived from Menrva.

Nethuns - Etruscan god of water, wells and the sea. Similar to the Greek god Poseidon and the Roman god Neptune came from this myth.
Nortia - Etruscan goddess of fate and fortune.

Selvans - Etruscan god of forests. Similar to the Roman god Silvanus.
Sethlans - Etruscan god of fire and blacksmiths. From his legends came the myths of the Greek Hephaestus and the Roman Vulcan.

Tarchon - Etruscan hero. He and his brother Tyrrhenus founded the Etruscan league of cities.
Thalna - Etruscan goddess of childbirth. Consort to Tinia.
Thesan - Etruscan goddess of dawn and childbirth. Similar to the Roman goddess Aurora.
Tinia - Etruscan god of the sky. Guardian of boundries. Husband to Menrva. From this myth comes the Roman god Jupiter.
Tuchulcha - Etruscan demon (female) of the underworld.
Turan - Etruscan goddess of fertility, health and love, and her attendants are the Lasas. She is similar to the Roman Venus.
Turms - Etruscan god of the underworld. Messenger to the gods, similar to the Greek Hermes and the Roman Mercury.


Vanth - Etruscan demon (female) of death.
Veive - Etruscan god of revenge.
Voltumna - Etruscan god of the underworld. Also patron of the 12 Etruscan city-states.


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