The story of Vichama either does not happen to be, in fundamental, the more than one patron propagandistic accommodated to supposed historical plot. According to this tradition, the Sun populated the world leaving to fall three eggs, one of gold, the other of silver and the last one of copper. The one of gold they left the noble, of the one of silver the women of these, and the one of copper plebian people, that is the commoners and their women. Resorting to this dogma, presented/displayed like historical fact, the social condition of the individual was explained and justified holding noble privileges, everything equipped from the same cradle and by divine disposition. In Incan mythology, Vichama is the God of Death. He is also the son of Inti. His mother was murdered by his half-brother Pachacamac, and he took revenge by turning the humans who were created by Pachacamac into rocks and islands. Afterwards he hatched the three eggs from which a new race of humans was born.

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