The final day has come. I knew it was to be my last as I heard the red alert siren calling me to the bridge. "Resistance is futile," the EDB called to me through space. Many believe that the Borg are unthinking machines, but they are not. The EDB knows in its hive mind that I have defeated it countless times, yet it still comes, not through stupidity, but because it knows that one day it will succeed.

It came. I tried my usual trick of waiting until it was almost touching, but this time it did not work. I waited, and it came. I waited, and it came. I waited, and then gave the command to fire. "Fire at will!" I cried, "Phasers at full power, quantum torpedoes, full spread." My weapons screamed out across the void to the menacing shape and the very fabric of subspace shook with the force of their impact, but after the smoke had cleared, we saw the horrible truth.

The EDB had adapted! Our weapons were useless! "Fall back!" I shouted, "Find a new phaser rotation to use," but all to no avail. The EDB had knocked out our warp drive, and we were retreating on impulse. Relentlessly it came. The shields dropped, and we were defenseless. I was forced to give the final order. "All hands to the escape pods, repeat, all hands abandon ship!" The U.S.S. Invincible had been a good ship, our home in fact, but in the end its name was proved inaccurate.

"Computer, initiate autodestruct sequence, authorisation Zulu-zero-zero-omega. Two minute countdown." My first officer confirmed the order, and together we signalled the end of an era."Autodestruct sequence initiated. Warp core breach in two minutes," came the voice of the computer, a voice which suddenly, though I knew it was my imagination, seemed to have developed a soulful, even resigned, tone to its voice. But I had plenty of time to think about this. After all, a captain is supposed to go down with his ship.

So this is it. This is the end. My day, the day of assimilation, has finally come. I am no longer an EDB refugee. The Federation has come, and the Federation will go, but the Borg are eternal.

You will be assimilated. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. You will adapt to service us.

Resistance is futile

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