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I am Zulu One and I run DoubleZero. I am a scientist at heart, and I write (and read) science fiction. I have recently returned to E2 after a year-long absence, so my homenode and recent writings are going to be a little sparse until I get around to spending a bit more time here. OK, here comes the contact stuff.
To send me a postcard, present (no mailbombs please), or just some money, email me to get my Liverpool, UK, mailing address. If you just want to send money though, your credit card number will do nicely. (Yes, I do mean that.) (No, the preceding parenthesised expression was not intended as any form of sarcasm or humour.) Visit my website at It's not much yet, but with any luck and a lot of time it will be. I use the supernova engine for Double Zero, a little PHP thing I whipped up with a few other bored programmers.
There will soon be a nice facility on :00 to get updates emailed to you, but until then, email me at with some sort of indication that you want to be added to the list, and I'll see to it you do.