I am not a geek. I do not know C++, I have never used and know nothing about Linux, or any other geek prerequisites. Yet I still feel like shit, and get treated like it by others. I have never had a girlfriend, although not for lack of trying. I envy you people with technical skills and savvy. You will one day make something of yourselves, and probably make a shitload of money while you're at it, compensating for what tribulation you may be currently going through. I, on the other hand, have none of this. I am not a big shot now. I am a nobody, the kind of person that's always in the background. Worse yet, it's not going to get any better. I can't find little communes and share common experiences. I'm not going to be a pillar of the future economy. In short, I'm not a geek, and wish I was.


and this is my first piece of advice.


Being geek is currently cool in the US. Interesting, but a very local thing. In other areas of the world, being geek is not so hot - in fact it can be a hindrance to your social life.
I am a turbogeek, at least in Mexico. In the US, I would be just another person with a Vest of Holding, suspenders and a beard. Here, I am weird. People look at me strangely on the bus. The respectable people, here, are the licenciados that rule Mexican Democracy. And they all wear ties, without even thinking about it.

In Italy being a geek is marginally OK.

Is it so cool ?

Geekness is about having obsessions and deep competence in something. There are Geeks of Computer Science, Geeks of Music and in fact Geeks of many persuasions. Take a look at the geek code to get a list of the many flavors.
But - in many cases - a geek will have a limited outlook. Like the Linux geek that sees nothing outside the limited scope of his favourite operating system.
Or the Geek of Politics that absolutely must see everything in a bipartisan light.

It is a rare geek that has a balanced outlook.

It is not necessary

To pursue what you are interested in, geekness is often unnecessary. It may be helpful.
Consider, for example, photography - something I like very much. My road to photography goes through geekness, no doubt. I will rant about resolution and lenses and films. Which is fine with me, but many great photographers trascend technique - that's to say, they abandoned geekness and entered the domain of art.

Of course, if you want to be a sysadm or a network administrator, you need to be a geek of that discipline. But for being a writer ? A good manager ? A happy person ? Ain't necessarily so.

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