a rave series in Toronto, Ontario. They feature musical styles of all types, with the most prominent being happy hardcore. Anabolic Frolic is the promoter of these parties that feature DJ's from all over the world, including the UK. The most notable feature are the people that travel from far and wide just to experience what it's all about. I, for one feel like a better person having gone to many of the events.

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Released June and July 2002 worldwide, this long awaited 90 minute concert recorded at Le Zenith, Paris, on October 28-29 2001 is an extravaganza on all accounts. It is pure, energetic Muse at their very best; and what a show they put on. Old favorites are belted out alongside new songs in 90 orgasmic minutes of pure sound and experience. In the recording of the concert the makers have fully utilised the advantages of DVD, providing an intense layout and menu, multiple and selectable camera angles, crystal clear sound and video and many extra features. Extra features include an interactive discography, a second bonus DVD with a 40 minute "documentary" of behind the scenes footage, previously unreleased B-sides and a Photo Gallery. Hullabaloo also features tracks from Muse's debut album Showbiz and their second album Origin of Symmetry.

DVD Set List

introduction....................space dementia**
dead star........................in your world
microcuts.......................muscle museum
citizen erased...............cave
showbiz..........................hyper music**
screenager....................plug in baby
feeling good..................bliss

** denotes selectable camera angles

Hullabaloo Soundtrack
Hullabaloo Soundtrack is the accompanying album (on conventional CD) which consists of two CDs. The first has B-sides recorded from 1999-2002, while the second is a recording of the same concert featured on the DVD.

Track Listing from Hullabaloo Soundtrack

forced in
shrinking universe
yes please
map of your head
shine acoustic (previously unreleased version)
the gallery
hyper chondriac music

dead star
citizen erased
dark shines
space dementia
in your world
muscle museum

Muse Webpages


Hul`la*ba*loo" (?), n. [Perh. a corruption of hurly-burly.]

A confused noise; uproar; tumult.




© Webster 1913.

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