An open letter to the high school females of the world:

"Why Doesn't He Ask Me to Prom?" Why doesn't someone ask me to Prom? Oh, why, why, why, why? Guys hear this every year come prom time. Girls complaining that guys always ask underclassmen, or that no guys ask them.

Well, did you ever consider asking a guy yourself? Is this too much of an intellectual concept?

The most common reasons that I have heard girls give for this are:

"But it's so hard to ask someone, what if he says no?"
Well, guys have the same problem, and most of us have managed to deal with it, so why don't you go through what we do?

"The guys all go with underclassmen anyway."
Well, maybe if you girls hadn't dated upperclassmen when YOU were underclassmen, we would think that you wanted to go out with us. Most guys get dates with underclassmen because they think that no upperclassmen girls will go with them. So ASK FIRST!

"But guys are supposed to ask girls, that's the way it goes."
Well, as long as we're reverting back to traditional gender roles, how about if women don't get paid as much as men; or worse, work in the home as homemakers. Or maybe they shouldn't vote.

Take the initiative and change something.


The High School guys of the world.

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