The Adicts are one of the greatest bands to ever come out of the Britsh punk rock/oi! scene. Songs like Viva la Revolution, Straight Jacket, Joker in the Pack, and Chinese Takeaway made them popular among the punk crowd of the 80’s and are still remembered as some of the greatest songs of their time. They were founded in the late 1970’s as a quartet, with vocalist Keith Warren (who donned the name Monkey), guitarist Keith Davidson, bassist Mel Ellis, and drummer Micheal Davidson (more commonly known as Kid Dee) in Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Many years later, keyboardist “James” and guitarist “Scruff” were added to the Adicts line-up. They took their look from the classic Stanley Kubrick masterpiece “A Clockwork Orange,” with all the members of the band dressing up as the vandalic Droogs. They were a very independent group (not uncommon for bands of their type at the time), and released a number of records on their own before signing to a small British record label. To date they have over twenty recorded releases. Unfortunately, many of the early releases have been forgotten about over the extensive time these legends have been making music. Not much else is known about these mysterious rockers except for that they have a strong, loyal fan following (with many vehement fans who also dress up as Droogs for their shows) and will continue to be remembered in the punk rock scene as one of the greatest bands ever.

Partial Discography

1979 - Lunch with the Adicts Single EP
1981 - Songs of Praise
1982 – Sounds of Music
1983 – Bar Room Bop
1985 – This is your Life
1987 – Fifth Overture
1993 – Live and Loud
1993 - Twenty Seven
1997 – Ultimate Addiction
1999 – The Very Best of the Adicts
2002 – The Collection
2002 – Rise and Shine
Unknown - Rockers into Orbit
Unknown - Joker in the Pack

Here is an interview with the vocalist and front-man Monkey(from the official Adicts site, :

Suburbia: How would you describe the Adicts in one word?
Monkey: Hullabaloo
Suburbia: What's your favourite Adicts song and why?
Monkey: It's that one we haven't written yet. It's got a catchy chorus. Boy Girl la la la.....something
Suburbia: Your least favourite Adicts song and why?
Monkey: Haven't written this one yet either, but it's terrible.
Suburbia: What do you see as the future of the Adicts?
Monkey: 20th Century boys in new millennium adjustment crisis.
Suburbia: What do you feel is more important, music or lyrics, and why?
Monkey: Lyrics. I don't write music.
Suburbia: Vocals What were your major influences?
Monkey: The sun, the moon, gravity, beer, potatoes
Suburbia: What is your favourite band or artist currently?
Monkey: The DeRita Sisters and Jr. Suede, The Tornadoes, Ron Sexsmith, Pulp, Prodigy
Suburbia: Who was your favourite band to play with?
Monkey: I never liked any of them
Suburbia: What do you do for kicks?
Monkey: Swing my leg backwards and forwards
Suburbia: What things do you love?
Monkey: I love love
Suburbia: What things do you hate?
Monkey: I hate hate
Suburbia: Which is better, England or USA?
Monkey: I think that if the entire populations of the USA and the UK met on a neutral ground - say Mozambique - and got into a fist fight, the 5-1 odds in the yanks favor would ultimately prevail, but only after a valiant effort from the plucky Brits.
Suburbia: Would you rather be President of the U.S. or Queen of England?
Monkey: King-you get to wear a crown.
Suburbia: If you became a world leader, what's the first thing you would do?
Monkey: Resign
Suburbia: Who is your hero?
Monkey: Me. If it wasn't for me, I wouldn't be here.
Suburbia: Who is the biggest wanker?
Monkey: Me again. Sorry.
Suburbia: Who is your favourite football team and why?
Monkey: Ipswich Town. Once inthe 1930's the team bus stopped and picked up a farm worker on the way to a match. They were a man short so the un-named farm worker volunteered. He played the game in wellington boots and scored the winner. He's my favorite player.
Suburbia: Define "punk"
Monkey: It's in your head, not on it
Suburbia: Say something to your fans!
Monkey: This game is for amusement only.

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