In the spirit of composing a factual and truly helpful w/u, I offer this tip.


With a little attention and tlc, breast size can increase by about a cup size, due to increased blood flow to the area.

Fellas: play with your woman's breasts! Compare and contrast!

Nudie photographers often employ this method and molest unsuspecting nipples with icecubes to get the "perfect breast" look.

It is, unfortunately, a temporary condition.

Many waitresses experience an enlargement of the breasts after working steadily, up to a half a cup size or so. My current girlfriend went almost into the next cup size while she worked in a restaurant for some time, due to the increased chest strength, and use of muscles in that region (lifting above your head, holding trays, etc). The increased blood flow to the area is significant and actually does make breasts bigger. The increase is muscular, and thus is subject to how often you continue such exercises, as with any other workout; simply "playing" with them is not enough to build consistent volume. Pectoral exercises aimed at muscle tone will enhance them, and as with any body building routine, it comes with the added bonus of making you more healthy.

Many women employ external items to make their breasts look bigger, such as stuffing, the wonder-bra, and implants; the more extreme the measures, the greater the risk for damage. Breast size isn't everything, and especially large breasts can be bad for a woman's health. As with everything in life, balance is the key.

It should be noted, however, that large pectoral muscles themselves will not make breasts increase in cup size, because the bra holds the fat and glandular tissue of the breast, not the muscle (muscle increase in the chest, however, may increase the band number part of the bra size, which is more representative the size of one's chest overall rather than just the fleshy mounds which protrude from it.) In fact, a large increase in muscle mass (in general, not on the chest specifically) will often lead to smaller breasts because as the lean muscle-to-fat ratio changes, the overall fat percentage is likely to drop, causing breast shrinkage (i.e., the more fat you have the bigger the breasts, and vice versa, though that isn't the *only* factor involved.)

Breasts may also be made to look larger by such clothing choices as empire waist shirts or dresses, low-cut clothes when paired with a bra that allows for/creates cleavage, a lack of bra with a tight shirt or developing more svelte abs. If there's a specific individual who you want to impress by appearing to have large(r) breasts, sticking them in their face often works, too.
Almonds will make your breasts bigger scientific background

Almonds! Almonds! Almonds!

Almonds will make your breasts bigger: I'd like to share with you an old family secret of ours. Almonds will make your breasts bigger. Like avocados and olives they're loaded with tasty, healthy oils. This is good news to flat-chested vegetarians who are constantly told the only way up is to down the meat. Substantial almond intake also works well for perkiness and general elasticity.

Eat a handful every day: Keep a jar on your kitchen-counter and have two (or seven!) with your coffee now and then. Nibble on the little diamonds while watching TV. Take them to the gym, your school locker... hide a packet in your desk drawer at work.

Include almonds in your home recipes: Why not bake a couple of figolli, a traditional Maltese almond cake baked especially in Easter time. Perhaps, you will prefer a lower calorie almond chicken recipe. This is a true rice casserole treat, especially when topped with green peppers and pineapple chunks!

Spread the almond: Tell your girlfriends, your mothers, your sisters... your nannies! And men, do watch out! Well, whatever floats your boat, really.

Think almonds... and start saving for your next visit to Women's Secret!

Almonds will make your breasts bigger Q & A

Q: Albert Herring says "Does marzipan work too, then, or do the almonds have to be unadulterated?"
A: In that case, I cannot guarantee that intake won't affect other areas.

Q: Glowing Fish says "Well, I would ask you about what this almond diet did for you, but A) that would be somewhat forward and B) you probably use some bizarre Maltese bra size that I wouldn't understand"
A: a) Yes, that would be. b) The sizes are British, but please refer to a)
Glowing Fish: "Well, you brought it up."

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