Many waitresses experience an enlargement of the breasts after working steadily, up to a half a cup size or so. My current girlfriend went almost into the next cup size while she worked in a restaurant for some time, due to the increased chest strength, and use of muscles in that region (lifting above your head, holding trays, etc). The increased blood flow to the area is significant and actually does make breasts bigger. The increase is muscular, and thus is subject to how often you continue such exercises, as with any other workout; simply "playing" with them is not enough to build consistent volume. Pectoral exercises aimed at muscle tone will enhance them, and as with any body building routine, it comes with the added bonus of making you more healthy.

Many women employ external items to make their breasts look bigger, such as stuffing, the wonder-bra, and implants; the more extreme the measures, the greater the risk for damage. Breast size isn't everything, and especially large breasts can be bad for a woman's health. As with everything in life, balance is the key.