It is common in today's society for a ninja to hook up with a non-ninja. In fact, more and more people are becoming ninjas (and at earlier ages!). So it is often a point of confusion when a young ninja wants to show exactly how he or she feels about someone. Learning to kiss can be an embarrassing process for anyone, especially if one is shy.

The trick is to kiss like a ninja. You'll know when the time is right. Aim for a romantic moment. For instance, a young ninja boy might be embracing his soon to be girlfriend when, suddenly, the girl starts flashing the googly eyes at him. Now is the time to strike! Do it quickly, with grace and precision.

First, look into her eyes. If she is staring back at you, she wants to be kissed. Now tilt your head forward between 5 and 10 degrees to show your intentions. If she follows suit, it's clear sailing. Now lean in just a little bit more, keeping your eyes open to make sure she's still with you. Begin to tilt your head slowly to one side so you don't bump noses. She will do the same thing. Close your eyes. Before you meet, make sure her eyes are closed.

Now reel back quickly and deliver a swift headbutt! The ecstasy will climax as your skull collides with hers, creating a satisfying CRACK! Watch as she reels back in a mixture of pain and shock. Laugh, and hold her hand. If she's smart, she'll be yours for life.

If not, it just means she doesn't understand ninjas. Just move on, she wasn't good enough for you anyway.

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