Dr McNinja is a relatively recently made webcomic by one Chris Hastings. It involves a ninja who is also a medical doctor and as implied from the name, of Irish decent.

The story begins on the Something Awful Message boards in 2003, where a goon made a name for himself which was going to be along the lines of Dr. McNuggets, but became McNinja on the fly. The character Dr. McNinja came to life during a regular contest where forum goons would post pictures of what their user name would look like, from which Dr. McNinja was born. Shortly thereafter the character was used in a series of comic pages which were a project for a class.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja begin with that first comic, in which McDonald's creates the McNinja burger, which allows young people to fart stealthily. Ire raised, Dr. McNinja wants to sue and when hastily told by his lawyer to put that sword of his to work goes to defeat Ronald McDonald.

The character of Dr. McNinja seems to be written with the website about Real Ultimate Power in mind. The character is at once heroic and childish. In the third comic the reader is introduced to his family, which is dysfunctional at its best and demands a lot of the good Doctor. His parents think he is soft because he doesn't immediately kill people to solve problems, belying his ninja heritage.

The continuing adventures involve all manner of characters, but they all seem to stem from the internet zeitgeist revolving around interesting sorts of people in the popular eye. Lumberjacks, the eternal enmity of Pirates and Ninjas, Mexican Bandits, Dinosaurs, all brought together in plots involving the ever ready Dr. McNinja.

The style of the comic is also quite interesting, it takes the format of a comic book like those of Marvel or DC. Each story is encapsulated in 25-50 pages, unlike the continuous format of other webcomics like Sluggy Freelance or Something Positive. The humor in the comic is often in the absurdity of the plots or the irreverent silliness of the dialogue. The plot of the story takes the sum total of internet zeitgeist and distills this mixture into the adventures of Doctor McNinja. Also you shouldn't miss the alt text on every page of the comic.

The comic can be found at http://drmcninja.com.

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