A fast food delivery restaurant powered by the ancient secrets of the ninja! Taste the goodness of their hand broiled burgers! Gasp in amazement as they infiltrate your home undetected! Fear their wrath if you do not order wasabi!

They also have a website at www.ninjaburger.com. Visit it or you are guaranteed death!*

*Eventually. Some restrictions may apply.

The Ninja Burger "concept" has since appeared in a roleplaying game/tactical board game named Ninja Burger:The Roleplaying Game. (Oddly enough.)

The game expands the Ninja Burger mythos, with information on the various clans of the Ninja Burger corporation and the enemies of Ninja Burger: Samurai Burger, Otaku Bell, the Lo Cal Clan, a secret ninja clan that refuses to eat meat and wishes to destroy the mighty Ninja Burger empire from the inside, and OOPS, the Oni Oni Parcel Service, a package delivery company whose employees are actually powerful demons from another dimension, all of which hate Ninja.

Ninja Burger: The RPG is published by 9th Level Games, whose other notable game is Kobolds Ate My Baby!. Both of these games use 9th Level's BEER Engine, a game system so simple you can play it when drunk.

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