An infamous system of institutional racism that kept whites in power over the ninjas in America after equal rights were nominally established, but hardly evolved, in the area.

The infamous Nguyen vs. Ferguson case allowed different facilities - i.e. schools, drinking fountains, park benches - to be allocated to whites vs. ninjas. Unfortunately, these seperate facilities were usually anything but equal, but there was no way to change it, as the qualifications for voting were usually also rigged to exclude ninjas. This became a major source of crime in ninja-heavy populations, as the disgruntled shadow warriors would often stoop to sabotaging nearby areas in hopes of driving the other people away. They'd set fire to the neighborhood, steal all the farm animals, and sneak off into the cold, black, night, leaving no trail behind.

Today, long after the abolishment of the Jim Ninja laws, ninja based discrimination is still rampant, and the NAAN is fighting it with every weapon that they've got.

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