Ninja World is a small amusement park owned by Walt Fujiyama located in The City, USA. Its sole purpose is to lower the sacred rites and secrets of ninja to the consumer level so that they may buy, buy, buy! It boasts such wonders as The Wonderful World of Ninja Assassination (a tunnel-of-love affair), the Numchuck Upchuck (Tilt-a-whirl on speed), and the majestic Statue of Samurai (fully one-eighth the height of the Statue of Liberty!).

The park offers services apart from rides, of course! You can taste the flavors of Japan at the Ninja World Health Food Bar, and sample such delicacies as Squishy-Squid-On-A-Stick, Whale Tripe Pie, Jellied Seaweed Burgers, and the Ninja World Seafood Surprise: "A delight-from-the-deep composed of raw parts of mysterious and unidentifiable sea creatures caught in the propellors of pleasure boats."

And what park doesn't boast a gift shop? At the Ninja World gift shop you can purchase katana steak knives, shuriken ashtrays, and their exclusive Ninja Assassination brand cigarettes. And of course, dolls of everyone's favorite mascot: Lil Nip.

By now you're likely saying "Gee! I want to be a ninja too! Golly!" Well, Ninja World also offers training courses in the martial arts which all ninja must know! They have FOUR levels of difficult ninja training, and you will leave each class with more knowledge than you could ever imagine! Advance quickly from the Level of the Shiney Puppy all the way to the Level of the Ambivalent Albatross! Be the envy of your friends! Be the death of your enemies! Enroll now!

Ninja World plays a large part in the first storyline in The Tick (which is contained in issues #1-6), be it in the Ninja World Ninjas, Walt Fujiyama, or the Thorn of Oblivion. We all bow our heads and cry that Ninja World is no more, as it was destroyed by The Tick in a rage.

Ninja World is a copyright and trademark of Walt Fujiyama. It has no affiliation with Ninja Burger.

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