Guyver is a cult classic anime series from the eighties.

The short lived series focused around transforming monsters and the 'real' origins of mankind. In the story line aliens came to earth millions of years ago to breed the ultimate weapon of war. They them called humans. This explains why humans are always fighting each other, they are genetically inclined to it. The idea is unsetting at best.

The aliens, called Creators, had biological suits they used as space suits. By accident a human was bonded to one of these suits and in an unexpected turn of events, became a super powerful being.

The plot line is set in what was current day when the show aired and stars a young boy named Sho Fukamachi who found one of these long lost suits, called Bio Booster Armor, or Guyver, thereby becoming a super being.

An evil organization, called Chronos, who knows the 'true' history of the human race, seeks control of it and the story goes from there.

Substandard by todays guidelines, Guyver's main draw was blood and violence. Voice acting in the english dubbed version is horrible and the animation, while fluid, is poorly drawn.

I personally think it could use a remake. Alot of untapped potential.

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