Minions of the organization Chronos in the anime series Guyver.

Zoanoids are humans who have undergone a genetic therapy that alters their biological make-up. At will (or on command) a Zoanoid changes from its human form, into a humanoid monster. There are dozens of types of Zoanoids, some more common than others, all with different abilities. Generally speaking, transforming adds one or two feet to height, and one hundred to two hundred pounds to weight. All Zoanoids are stronger, tougher, and faster than any human could ever hope be but some are stronger than others and a few have special, biological weapons built into them.

Most of the basic Zoanoids look like were creatures, humanoid versions of savage animals. Bats, insects, and reptiles spring to mind first. However, as one moves past the most basic stock troops, they creatures become completely alien beings.

Biological weapons come in surprising numbers and variants. Lasers of focused heat; streams of acid; chemicals that when mixed explode; bone spines filled with biological liquid explodes fired by special muscles. Any one of these is capable of killing a normal human.

More powerful Zoanoids, called Hyper Zoanoids, are used as personal bodyguards. Hyper Zoanoids have more physical power than other Zoanoids, but more than that, most of them have unique powers. Producing electricity like an electric eel and blades made of platelets that vibrate at ultrahigh frequency are two prime examples of the superior fire power of these Zoanoids. See the Hyper Zoanoids page for detailed information.

All Zoanoids are under the telepathic control of the Zoalords and general have one Zoalord they have to report to. Zoalords are the final step after a Hyper Zoanoids and are as far above them as they are above humans. See the Zoalords page for more information.

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