A little known anime series, Generator Gawl is one of the best new anime series in the past five years. The story strikes a balance between action, comedy and sci-fi

The basic premise is as follows: in 2007, a scientist makes a big discovery in biological science: namely, how to turn someone into a weird looking robotic killing machine called a generator . Three guys from the future - Ryo, Koji and Gawl, the main character and series namesake, who can turn into a generator, travel back in time to stop the discovery from happening. (can you say terminator ripoff?) Anyway, the series revolves around them trying to fit into high school, keep their identities secret whilst battling evil generators. There's the obligatory love interest (their landlord, a bad-tempered fellow student named Masami and her best friend Natsume, who happens to be cursed with the worst hair since Billy Ray Cyrus). Masami is the stereotypical loud-mouthed, opinionated anime heroine(think Akane from Ranma 1/2), and it just so happens that she is secretly in love with Gawl.(Why is it that in anime, that if a girl secretly likes a boy, she must call him a pervert at least five times an episode?) Anyway, the series is short, only twelve episodes in length, but if you likes yer anime, you could do a lot worse.

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