The Bio Booster Armor is an alien organism that was genetically altered by the Creators for use as an all-purpose environmental protection suit. The armor appears in the cult classic anime series: Guyver. The armor is alive, a genetically altered parasite, controlled by a highly advanced computer called a Control Medallion. If this computer is damaged or removed from the armor then the control ends and the armor returns to its parasitic roots and begins to devour the flesh of its wearer like an acid.

For the Creators, the armor was a combination space suit, hazardous waste suit, and suit of armor. It allowed them to breath in a vacuum as well as blocking out environmental forces, and physical attacks. When a force did damage the wearer, the armor would repair them, using their DNA as a base. Basically, as long as one wore the armor, they were indestructible, unless the control medallion was damaged or removed. The suit also provided a significant increase in physical strength, ideal for use on hard labor.

However, when the Creators played one of the suits on one of their creations, a human, there were unexpected results. (For more information on the relationship between Humans and Creators, read the write up in Guyver.) The suit reacted to the warlike structure of the human’s DNA and reformed itself in an alarming manner.

When given a human host, the Bio Booster Armor became a weapon of war, just like its wearer. The most noticeable physical changes are the addition of thicker plating on the armor, literal plates of bone-like material on the chest, arms, legs, and torso. A horn appeared above the forehead, though the purpose of this is largely unknown. The physical strength increase granted by the armor was much larger with humans, giving the host as much as one hundred times its old strength, enough to crush concert with its hand or bend steel bars like they were paper. Reaction times were lowered into the hundredths of seconds. Running speed reached as high as sixty-five miles an hour. Farther tests revealed actual weaponry as a result of the fusion.

The armor frees its wearer from the mental control of others, including the Creators. The first human to gain the armor was the main reason for the Creator’s leaving earth: it went beaver and destroyed many of their colonies before they managed to stop it by forcibly removing the armor from its body (not an easy thing to do).

Blades extend from the elbows on both arms. Five inches at rest, the blades stretch to four or five feet long when the user wishes them to. The blade are formed of tiny platelets which vibrate at an ultra high frequency, allowing them to separate materials on a molecular level. In short, they will cut through anything.

A ray of super focused heat energy can be projected from a small gel-like gland at the base of the head horn. This ray is directed to the point were the wear is looking, making the accuracy of the ray equal to the sight of the wearer. For this reason it is sometimes called the “pin-point laser”. Range is about fifty feet before the heat disperses so such a point that the laser loses its piecing strength.

An advanced version of the human voice box is located near what would be the mouth of the suit (the suit has no mouth opening as the suit produces oxygen for the wearer so they never have to breathe the external air). These tissues can produce high frequency vibration waves that can be tuned to a specific material’s molecular vibration frequency, and then counter it. It shatters solid matter like glass. With this weapon flesh, bone, and other biological material can be shattered as easily as glass. The effective range is about twenty feet.

A device is fixed to the “belt” of the suit. This gem, similar in design and shape to the control medallion on the forehead, actually controls gravity. The practical use was to make the wearer fly at great speed (about 160 mph). The more aggressive use for the controller is to use focused gravity to create a hole in space/time held within a shield of gravity. In short: a small scale worm hole. This worm hole is projected using the controller much as a rail gun fires its shot. On contact with the target the wormhole slams against it with a massive pressing crush, blowing holes in normal flesh and making large dents into harder materials.

The final weapon for the Bio Booster Armor is referred to as the “Mega Smasher”. Two gel-like glands are hidden under the chest plates. When the chest plate are pulled open by the wearer, the glands are revealed. These glands charge an attack that recreates, in miniature, the Big Bang. A wash of energy ten to twenty feet in diameter rushes out and strikes everything in its path, breaking down all known materials in seconds. The blast continues onwards for half a mile before it disperses. The wearer can choose to fire one of these at a time, or both at once.

These presented are the general abilities of a human in the armor. Each Bio Booster Armor is different because each host is different so there maybe minor changes with theses weapons, depending on the host.

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