This is a pseudo-dada poetry generation technique:
  1. Start typing strings of letters. Try to keep them between three and six letters long. Remember to include vowels.
  2. None of them should be real words. Run your spelling checker on them.
  3. Either accept the first suggestion, or just pick one from the list. There usually isn’t more than one.
  4. Some of them might not have any suggestions. In this case, either type a new string, or delete letters randomly until there are.
  5. Congratulations! You have just created a completely nonsensical poem greatly influenced by chance elements.

"Degree thank sudden
sit wend ambling

German heroic Burma
eternal dogma walk-in 
dermal errant

rim danger ammonite 
elm wet wren trams

fur dip blood
nark flame welt
runtime fumble  

feudal vermeil 
fungal waggle

gratin cherub sit err
merit adept derive biome

see thereof urn Erie Ghana build Tirana"
Eye have a spelling chequer

It came with my pea sea

It plane lee marques four my revue

Miss steaks eye can knot sea.

Eye strike a quay and type a word,

And weight for it to say

Weather eye am wrong oar write

It shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid

It nose bee fore two long

And eye can put the error rite

Its rare lea ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw it

I am shore your pleased two no

Its letter perfect awl the weigh

My chequer tolled me sew!

I've seen many unattributed versions of this poem throughout the ages

Last year after repeated complaints at the shoddy spelling in my e-mails I gathered as many versions as I could to compile a hopefully definitive version as my .sig

The response from the powers that be?

Yew kneed eh gnu phucking cig!

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