Space/Time is a miniepisode of Doctor Who, broadcast as part of the Comedy Relief Red Nose Day telethon, and is formed of two parts: "Space" and "Time". It stars Matt Smith as The Tenth Doctor, Karen Gillam as Amy Pond and Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams.

The episode's plot opens with The Doctor and Rory fixing the always-broken TARDIS. Unfortunately, at a critical moment, Amy walks in, in a short skirt, and passes over Rory underneath a glass floor. He drops a thermal coupling, causing the TARDIS to malfunction and materialize in the nearest safe location: which just happens to be inside the TARDIS. The TARDIS is caught inside a space loop, where walking outside of its front doors brings it into itself. In the second part, "Time", the crew are saved when future versions of themselves walk through the door, and explain how they can extract themselves from their situation. Along the way, they stop to flirt and fight with themselves, but everything is saved, with the Doctor summing up the lesson learned from the episode:

"Pond, go put some trousers on!"

Although very brief, the episode encapsulates much of what would make the Steven Moffat era Doctor Who great. It has witty writing, fast dialog, confusing conversations, sexuality and flirting, and confusing time and space loops. Although only six minutes long, the episode packs a lot in.

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