An overhead 4-way scrolling shoot 'em up by Wolfteam for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis.

A ghostly tank roams Africa destroying the weapons of war it encounters. Where is it from? Who does it fight for? Some call it "God of African Continent." Others call it "Ghost of Soldiers." But only those who have seen it know for certain.

Simplistic graphics, but plays really well. You get to drive around on top of a giant plane in the second level too. Deffinitely worth picking up if you see it.

A wonderful historic city in Spain, at the foot of Spain's highest mountain range, the Sierra Nevada. The city is divided by the Darro, which flows underground in the city centre. Granada is the city of the Alhambra, a beautiful Moorish palace.

History: Already in the 5th century BC, people were living in this area, because of its fertile soils. In Roman times, the area was known as Iliberis. The actual city was founded by the Visigoths, and the city was later taken over by the Moors (711 AD) who erected a fortress. In the early days of the Arab regime, the area was ruled by a viceroy that was dependent upon the main city of Córdoba. The fall of the Caliphate of Córdoba (1031) led to the establishment of small Muslim states, including the Kingdom of Granada. The kingdom was ruled by two Berber Dynasties (Almoravides and Almohades), until the first Nasrid King, Mohammed I came to power in 1236. King Mohammed I undertook the construction of the Alhambra in 1238. Granada was taken over by Catholic kings in 1492, and this marked the end if the Nasrid Dynasty. Under Catholic reign, the city was further expanded with religious buildings, monuments and palaces.

Granada Group PLC strive to own a balanced portfolio of entertainment companies, which is designed to help them take advantage of any economic environment.

They also own the TV Rental chain which, after a merger with Thorn EMI's Radio Rentals to form 'Box Clever' makes it the major player in this field. Visionhire and Telebank have also been assimilated into the Granada empire, and countless smaller rental operations. The Granada chain markets its own brands of TV, video etc, but these products are generally rebadged and slightly modified versions of products from companies such as Sharp, Nokia etc, and are sold alongside the brand named products at a slightly better price.

This kind of business flourishes in an economic downturn and balances the luxury end of the entertainment market which benefits when the economic situation is good.

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