"You're nicked!" The best and toughest Brit TV show of the 70s, about the activities of some of Scotland Yard's Flying Squad (rhyming slang: Flying Squad=Sweeney Todd).

Each week, hard bastard (whom even crims consider to be beyond redemption) Detective Inspector Jack Regan (John Thaw), Detective Sergeant George Carter (Dennis Waterman), and some of their bosses and minions get down and dirty in the business of hunting and arresting members of England's underworld. Features car chases, gun battles, loadsa birds, sex, swearing, Jag-driving villains, and that evocative theme tune.

Sweeneymania swept England in the mid-70s, and the show became immortalized in 4 series, 2 movies, several "novels", and even a board game.

Hoot at the tongue-in-cheek humor, bad 70s fashion and haircuts, and how practically everyone drinks and smokes heavily practically every bleedin' minute. A gem.

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