Fantasy world in which author John Norman set his Tarl Cabot novels. An arena in which Norman could indulge his BDSM obsessions, Gor is a world in which women are slaves to mighty-thewed, sword-slinging men, go about in scanty outfits and manacles, must be willing to have sex with any random male who comes by, and are subject to being whipped when disobedient. The literary result is much like what might occur if Ayn Rand had been fed acid and forced to watch a round-the-clock marathon of the films Conan the Barbarian and The Story of O before being plopped down in front of a typewriter.

The first of the Gor series of 25 novels was published in the 1966, just as the feminist movement was getting started. The series was a somewhat popular one until publishing houses stopped producing the line. Depending on who you ask, this is either because people stopped buying the books, or no because one had the guts to print it. Long a staple of used book stores, the Gor novels have seen something of a resurgence in recent years, with publisher Vision Entertainment Ltd planning to reprint 6 of the original novels and "Witness of Gor", a new work by Norman.

Fans of the series can surpass Trekkies in their rabid obsession with the characters and the world of Gor. Log onto an Adult IRC host like Yahoo!, and you'll likely find a few small rooms with names like Dusky Moon Tavern of Gor. Many are in it for the RPG possibilities, but some fans will even pull a Galaxy Quest and try and find a (female) slave or a (male) master to live out their very own Gorean Lifestyle. reports a few real-life examples of this, but I'll hold my judgement of this until I see it in another source.

Many do not know what proper Gorean protocol is. Protocol, by definition means “an observance of customs and regulations dealing with formality, precedence, and etiquette”. Good manners? Common courtesy? What a concept! Proper protocol and etiquette used to be as much a part of schooling as learning how to read and write. In today’s hectic society, these qualities of human nature are unfortunately overlooked as we struggle to keep up with the day-to-day demands of life.

As a Gorean slave, proper protocol is not only part of this slave's training but her everyday life. In many ways, protocol helps to establish specific boundaries and establishes the guidelines for which this girl interacts with others that visit our House. Protocols are also established through rituals as they express, define, and clarify the conditions by which we stand. This girl always addresses Dominants as Master/Mistress (insert name) unless requested by them to use their preferred form of address, and does refrain from calling them by their given name, as it is not proper for this one to do so. When interacting within regular society, this slave uses common courtesy when speaking to others and refers to those she comes in contact with as Sir or Ma’am as well.

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