An SCA household, loosley based on one of the four nomadic tribes in 4th book in John Norman's series of Gor novels, "Nomads of Gor". They reside primarily in the East Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom, though they are known in most lands in the SCA.

Just for accuracy's sake, the Tuchux are a group separate from the SCA (and would be very offended if you accused them of being SCA). They do come to Pennsic War, but as non-members. They are a fantasy fighting group based on John Norman's Gor novels and consist of about equal parts Pittsburgh steel workers and surgeons/professors/investment bankers.

A friend of mine was walking past the Tuchux encampment once and saw a group of Tuchux beating a glowstick on the ground with rattan swords, chanting "Bad magic, bad magic".. One of the Tuchux drew back his sword to get a particularly good blow in and accidentally whacked one of the others in the forehead. The whackee's eyes crossed, and he toppled backwards. My friend (being a paramedic) ran over to offer assistance, but on arrival realized that two of the other Tuchux were already shining a penlight in the victim's pupils, discussing the chances of his having sustained a subdural hematoma. They decided it was unlikely, so one (the neurosurgeon)went back to his tent to get the suture kit, while the neurologist evaluated further. They sutured his forehead laceration, revived their friend, did some neuro checks and went back to beating their glowstick and chanting "bad magic, bad magic.."

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