Tears of a Gorean slave

Hidden deep within the dark recesses of this slaves’ heart is a gentle spirit longing to emerge into the light. Like the butterfly, it needs to fly freely amongst natures’ gracious bounty. The melodious sounds of her heart speak of its hidden passions. Longing to share the serenity, peace, and joy life brings to those that dare to reach out and grasp it. Craving to leave behind the ever darkening shadows that threaten to surround her.

A single tear falls, crystalline, down petal soft cheeks. It sparkles like a diamond as the soft light catches it. A sign of love that longs to share its beauty. A longing that is as immense as the ocean, yet timid as a small deer. Tentatively, it peers out of the safe cocoon that has kept it sheltered from harm for so long. Struggling to calm the rising panic, she longs to take the first step out into the light.

Carefully, she spreads her wings, gazing out upon the world. The tender touch of life caresses them, urging her forth to explore, to grow. Cautiously she ventures forth, cradled safely in the arms of the light. The thrill of being alive overwhelms her as she experiences the joy of life for the first time. Can life truly be this wonderful or is it all just a dream she wonders.

Joyfully, she embraces the new challenges that life has to offer. Secure within the cradle of the warm light she allows others to come close to her. Basking in the warm glow of love, she sprouts her wings and flies, growing within as she begins to learn more about life and about herself.

Suddenly, from out of the darkness, the fear and pain of the past returns, reaching its ugly fingers out to grasp her as it strives to pull her back into the darkness. Struggling, she attempts to banish the fear and pain from her life, refusing to let it gain control of her again. Falling to her knees she tries to cry, to let out all the hurt but the tears refuse to fall and she is afraid.

Dark shadows envelop her, resisting her futile struggles. The truth of what her life has been closes in and surrounds her, dragging her to the very depths she has endeavored to escape. Looking around with uncertainty, she attempts to distinguish dream from reality. Wanting to believe that it was not all a dream, that at least some of it was real.

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