A language of India, spoken in the state of Punjab. Also found in Pakistan. It is similar to Hindi and Urdu and is related to Sanskrit. Punjabi is the traditional language of Sikhism.

The words seemed, to me, so lyrical and beautiful when you spoke - a melodic language I had never learned, and probably never would. You would always excuse yourself when you answered your parents in that tongue, holding the phone away from your lips so that I wouldn't have to hear. You probably would have never guessed that I would listen even more intently when you did so, straining to hear the syllables roll off your tongue. For all I knew, you could have been agreeing to take the garbage out, and I would have thought it mesmerizing. I could have listened to you forever.

Once, you played for me some music in that tongue, and I thought I would dissolve under the weighty sadness of it. You told me the story behind the lyrics - a tale of separation and heartache, of blood in the streets.

I couldn't help but think that you had inherited their sorrow, that you carried it with you and that was why your shoulders always slouched so when you walked. Exquisite agony.

ਪੰਜਾਬੀ / پنجابي / पंजाबी / Panjābī

Some interesting facts about Punjabi:

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