The Gurmukhi script is a North Indian script historically derived from an older script called Lahnda. It is quite closely related to Devanagari structurally. Gurmukhi is used to write the Punjabi language in the Punjab in India.
Unicode's Gurmukhi code block reserves the 128 code points from U+0A00 to U+0A7F, of which 79 are currently assigned.

Bengali <-- Gurmukhi --> Gujarati

Number of characters added in each version of the Unicode standard :
Unicode 1.1 : 75
Unicode 4.0 : 2
Unicode 5.1 : 2

Number of characters in each General Category :

Letter, Other            Lo : 51
Mark, Non-Spacing        Mn : 14
Mark, Spacing Combining  Mc :  4
Number, Decimal Digit    Nd : 10

Number of characters in each Bidirectional Category :

Left To Right       L : 65
Non Spacing Mark  NSM : 14

The columns below should be interpreted as :

  1. The Unicode code for the character
  2. The character in question
  3. The Unicode name for the character
  4. The Unicode General Category for the character
  5. The Unicode Bidirectional Category for the character
  6. The Unicode version when this character was added

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     Based on ISCII 1988

U+0A01   ਁ   Gurmukhi sign adak bindi Mn NSM 4.0
U+0A02   ਂ   Gurmukhi sign bindi Mn NSM 1.1
U+0A03   ਃ   Gurmukhi sign visarga Mc L 4.0

     Independent vowels

U+0A05   ਅ   Gurmukhi letter A Lo L 1.1
aka aira
U+0A06   ਆ   Gurmukhi letter aa Lo L 1.1
U+0A07   ਇ   Gurmukhi letter I Lo L 1.1
U+0A08   ਈ   Gurmukhi letter ii Lo L 1.1
U+0A09   ਉ   Gurmukhi letter U Lo L 1.1
U+0A0A   ਊ   Gurmukhi letter uu Lo L 1.1
U+0A0F   ਏ   Gurmukhi letter ee Lo L 1.1
U+0A10   ਐ   Gurmukhi letter ai Lo L 1.1
U+0A13   ਓ   Gurmukhi letter oo Lo L 1.1
U+0A14   ਔ   Gurmukhi letter au Lo L 1.1


U+0A15   ਕ   Gurmukhi letter ka Lo L 1.1
U+0A16   ਖ   Gurmukhi letter kha Lo L 1.1
U+0A17   ਗ   Gurmukhi letter ga Lo L 1.1
U+0A18   ਘ   Gurmukhi letter gha Lo L 1.1
U+0A19   ਙ   Gurmukhi letter nga Lo L 1.1
U+0A1A   ਚ   Gurmukhi letter ca Lo L 1.1
U+0A1B   ਛ   Gurmukhi letter cha Lo L 1.1
U+0A1C   ਜ   Gurmukhi letter ja Lo L 1.1
U+0A1D   ਝ   Gurmukhi letter jha Lo L 1.1
U+0A1E   ਞ   Gurmukhi letter nya Lo L 1.1
U+0A1F   ਟ   Gurmukhi letter tta Lo L 1.1
U+0A20   ਠ   Gurmukhi letter ttha Lo L 1.1
U+0A21   ਡ   Gurmukhi letter dda Lo L 1.1
U+0A22   ਢ   Gurmukhi letter ddha Lo L 1.1
U+0A23   ਣ   Gurmukhi letter nna Lo L 1.1
U+0A24   ਤ   Gurmukhi letter ta Lo L 1.1
U+0A25   ਥ   Gurmukhi letter tha Lo L 1.1
U+0A26   ਦ   Gurmukhi letter da Lo L 1.1
U+0A27   ਧ   Gurmukhi letter dha Lo L 1.1
U+0A28   ਨ   Gurmukhi letter na Lo L 1.1
U+0A2A   ਪ   Gurmukhi letter pa Lo L 1.1
U+0A2B   ਫ   Gurmukhi letter pha Lo L 1.1
U+0A2C   ਬ   Gurmukhi letter ba Lo L 1.1
U+0A2D   ਭ   Gurmukhi letter bha Lo L 1.1
U+0A2E   ਮ   Gurmukhi letter ma Lo L 1.1
U+0A2F   ਯ   Gurmukhi letter ya Lo L 1.1
U+0A30   ਰ   Gurmukhi letter ra Lo L 1.1
U+0A32   ਲ   Gurmukhi letter la Lo L 1.1
U+0A33   ਲ਼   Gurmukhi letter lla Lo L 1.1
U+0A35   ਵ   Gurmukhi letter va Lo L 1.1
U+0A36   ਸ਼   Gurmukhi letter sha Lo L 1.1
U+0A38   ਸ   Gurmukhi letter sa Lo L 1.1
U+0A39   ਹ   Gurmukhi letter ha Lo L 1.1

     Various signs

U+0A3C   ਼   Gurmukhi sign nukta Mn NSM 1.1
aka pairin bindi
* for extending the alphabet to new letters

     Dependent vowel signs

U+0A3E   ਾ   Gurmukhi vowel sign aa Mc L 1.1
aka kanna
U+0A3F   ਿ   Gurmukhi vowel sign i Mc L 1.1
aka sihari
* stands to the left of the consonant
U+0A40   ੀ   Gurmukhi vowel sign ii Mc L 1.1
aka bihari
U+0A41   ੁ   Gurmukhi vowel sign u Mn NSM 1.1
aka aunkar
U+0A42   ੂ   Gurmukhi vowel sign uu Mn NSM 1.1
aka dulainkar
U+0A47   ੇ   Gurmukhi vowel sign ee Mn NSM 1.1
aka lanvan
U+0A48   ੈ   Gurmukhi vowel sign ai Mn NSM 1.1
aka dulanvan
U+0A4B   ੋ   Gurmukhi vowel sign oo Mn NSM 1.1
aka hora
U+0A4C   ੌ   Gurmukhi vowel sign au Mn NSM 1.1
aka kanaura

     Various signs

U+0A4D   ੍   Gurmukhi sign virama Mn NSM 1.1
U+0A51   ੑ   Gurmukhi sign udaat Mn NSM 5.1

     Additional consonants

U+0A59   ਖ਼   Gurmukhi letter khha Lo L 1.1
U+0A5A   ਗ਼   Gurmukhi letter ghha Lo L 1.1
U+0A5B   ਜ਼   Gurmukhi letter za Lo L 1.1
U+0A5C   ੜ   Gurmukhi letter rra Lo L 1.1
U+0A5E   ਫ਼   Gurmukhi letter fa Lo L 1.1


U+0A66   ੦   Gurmukhi digit zero Nd L 1.1
U+0A67   ੧   Gurmukhi digit one Nd L 1.1
U+0A68   ੨   Gurmukhi digit two Nd L 1.1
U+0A69   ੩   Gurmukhi digit three Nd L 1.1
U+0A6A   ੪   Gurmukhi digit four Nd L 1.1
U+0A6B   ੫   Gurmukhi digit five Nd L 1.1
U+0A6C   ੬   Gurmukhi digit six Nd L 1.1
U+0A6D   ੭   Gurmukhi digit seven Nd L 1.1
U+0A6E   ੮   Gurmukhi digit eight Nd L 1.1
U+0A6F   ੯   Gurmukhi digit nine Nd L 1.1

     Gurmukhi-specific additions

U+0A70   ੰ   Gurmukhi tippi Mn NSM 1.1
* nasalization
U+0A71   ੱ   Gurmukhi addak Mn NSM 1.1
* doubles following consonant
U+0A72   ੲ   Gurmukhi iri Lo L 1.1
* base for vowels
U+0A73   ੳ   Gurmukhi ura Lo L 1.1
* base for vowels
U+0A74   ੴ   Gurmukhi ek onkar Lo L 1.1
* God is One
U+0A75   ੵ   Gurmukhi sign yakash Mn NSM 5.1
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Gurmukhi writing is especially prevelant for Sikh religious writings. It evolved from old Brahmi along parallel paths with Devanagari, but its present form was finalized by the second Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Angad in the early 1500s. 'Gurmukhi' translates literally as 'from the mouth of the Guru' in Punjabi. The earliest writing was for a series of religions hymns and poems. An alternate name for abugida is paimti, 'the thirty-five', for the number of consonant-vowel syllable combinations.

Punjabi itself is a tonal language, however Gurmukhi has no set mechanism for indicating the three tones of spoken word. Certain tones correspond to certain consonant series, however, and the voiced aspirates' alternate forms have evolved as an ad hoc method of indicating tonality.

Information sourced from Daniels, Peter T. Bright, William. The World's Writing Systems. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996.

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