In the Kabala, the goof is the physical body of a human being. The goof maintains itself through a constant exchange of atoms with the rest of the physical universe via respiration, ingestion, excretion, perspiration, and the sloughing off of dead tissue. Roughly 99% of the matter in the goof is replaced over any seven year span of the goof's life.

Mistakes. In IMDB parlance, a goof is an error which can be detected by viewing the offending movie or television show.

The presence of goofs in a film does little more than provide fodder for self-important continuity fascists and reinforces the notion that anyone who watches movies on a regular basis needs to get a life*.

Some of the more amusing goofs include things like mysterious costume changes mid-scene, visible boom mikes, and reflections of crew members in mirrors, glass, and water.

Clearly, the methodical hunting down of these callous transgressions against Art is a moral imperative, but try not to share your knowledge during a movie...especially those showing in a theater...where people near you might not want to notice the yellow Ked left dead-center in the samurai's feudal mansion.

* I should mention that I occasionally notice these things, and even point them out from time to time, but only when they seem pertinent. If you feel this smacks of hypocrisy, please mail $1 to me and I will consider apologizing.

1. A person who acts silly or foolish. (One who acts goofy; see also goofball).

2. A mistake, often a small or silly one. (To goof up).

3. To goof off is to waste time, or to take it easy. Also goof around, goof about.

4. To goof on someone is to ridicule and make fun of them.

All of these are used in American English, although are probably used more by children than adults. They also have a 1950s feel to them. You don't hear them as much these days, although they are certainly still around.

Goof was first recorded in 1906, originating in America, and meaning a stupid person. It may come from the word 'goff', used in some English dialects to mean a foolish person or a clown. reports that it's usage in the sense #2 (above) is from 1954 (although 'goof up' is from 1941), and #3 is from 1932. Both are proceeded by 'goofy', appearing in 1921.

And one more:

5. Prison slang for a child molester, particularly one who went after young boys. One of the worst insults in prison, it's probably not a good thing to call anyone who has spent any time on the inside.

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