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Manifesting wonder, increasing synchronicity, singing with the Moon, spinning dreams, and making them real.
Prophecy, poetry, music, mathematics and sarcasm.
Testiculos Habet Et Bene Pendentes
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All men are evil
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I am the Wild Child, born of rumble, wave, storm and conflagration.
I am volcano, destroyer of forests and lifter of new land
I am flood, implacable eraser of landscapes and bringer of rich loam.
I am fire, consumer of homes and replenisher of soil.
I am lightning bolt, instant death and liberator of nitrogen.
I am bacteria, vile infester and necessary digester in your stomach.
I am fang, culler of the weak, and strengthener of the herd.
I am frond, leveler of cities and transformer of sunshine into food.
I am Self lost in Passion:
     Unbounded rage and the courageous defense of boundaries,
     Overpowering Lust and the Lusty excitement of healthy bodies,
     Panic and the adrenaline rush of overcoming danger.
I am the endless, consuming round of creation and destruction.
I am beautiful.
I am passionate.
I am Life.