GarageGames (, formed in 2000, is a unique company that promotes, supports and releases indie (aka garage) computer games. In the early days of computer gaming, games were usually made alone, with a single person designing, programming, drawing graphics etc, or at most in little groups of a few people. This tradition has practically died with the huge game companies and multi-million budgets, complex technology and high demands from the masses. Today it is, if not impossible, at least very hard for a small independent group or an invidual to release a popular commercial game, especially if it involves 3D graphics.

GarageGames' biggest service for the indie game community was to buy the source code for the Tribes 2 engine from Sierra and license it to anyone for mere $100. Considering that other commercial quality engines like the Quake III, Lithtech and Unreal Engine cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to license, a hundred bucks is next to nothing. Although the license is quite restrictive (all the games you make have to be released by GarageGames, and if you make a commercial quality game you want to sell in stores, you have to offer it first to Sierra), you can do anything you want with the source code and the license is lifetime, not per product, so this is a perfect opportunity for an amateur game programmer. You have to buy one license for each programmer, but artists and other people not involved with the source code don't need one. The engine was first named V12, but because that name was copyrighted, it was changed to Torque Game Engine.

The staff of GarageGames, consisting of ex-Dynamix (a former section of Sierra and the developer of the Tribes games) employees, is constantly developing the Torque engine with contributions from the large fan base. They are also developing Realm Wars, a community project and the only "official" Torque game in development. A very dedicated community, one of the largest, if not the largest game development communities on Internet, has formed around GarageGames and its forums. Information and source code are readily shared and the community is mostly helpful, although it has its share of troublemakers (but what community wouldn't). GarageGames is also the developer of the recent Tribes 2 patches released in 2002.

Noteworthy games based on the Torque engine (I will add more games as I find them):

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