A Macintosh software product created by Terry Morse Software. Similar to Adobe Acrobat software which lets you "print" from any application to a PDF file, Myrmidon lets you "print" any file to a Web page. It relies heavily on certain preset preferences to decide how graphics, text, columns and so forth should be converted into the more-limited formatting allowed by HTML.

Less than perfect for complicated pages, but better than Microsoft Word's built-in HTML conversion, at least from a coder's point of view.

Myr"mi*don (?), n. [L. Myrmidones, Gr. , pl.]


One of a fierce tribe or troop who accompanied Achilles, their king, to the Trojan war.


A soldier or a subordinate civil officer who executes cruel orders of a superior without protest or pity; -- sometimes applied to bailiffs, constables, etc.


With unabated ardor the vindictive man of law and his myrmidons pressed forward. W. H. Ainsworth.


© Webster 1913.

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