Games Workshop was founded in 1975 and was responsible for much of the introduction of Role-Playing into the UK in the late 70's and early 80's.

They distributed AD&D in the UK (including printing their own softcover versions of the Player's Handbook and Monster Manual) and even created some of their own manuals and supplements (such as the Fiend Folio).

Their magazine White Dwarf was originally a very good broad magazine that covered much of the role-playing scene. Though the early issues did concentrate on D&D simply because in the mid 70's it was the only game in town.

They also had the rights to things such as Call of Cthulhu and again wrote UK specific modules such as "Green and Pleasant Land" and "Cthulhu by Gaslight".

They also created their own games such as Warlock (a kind of scissors, paper, stone style battling magic users game), and Valley of the Four Winds (a strategic fantasy war game).

They were also responsible for a great upturn in the sales of lead miniatures in the UK. A lot of this was supplied by Citadel Miniatures. Unfortunately it was in this that they suckled the viper at their breast. Some time in the mid 80's (I can't remember when exactly). Bryan Ansell of Citadel Miniatures bought the company and moved it to Nottingham (where Citadel was based). It was then turned it into a source of game rules for Citadel's miniatures.

The current Games Workshop seems to appeal mainly to adolescent boys and be a way of separating them from as much of their money as possible, as fast as possible. In fact you wouldn't believe they had ever done anything else to judge by their own publicity.

However to those of us who remember the old Games Workshop with their shop at 1 Dalling Road (just round from Ravenscourt Park tube station) in London, they were role-playing (and White Dwarf was essential reading every month).

The Games Workshop Metanode

Games Workshop has created some of the most popular table-top gaming around over the last decade, and this metanode is designed to include all available E2 resources related to the company and the games. It is here as a reference to both the games and their mechanics, as well as the story designed for the worlds in which the games take place.

It is a work in progress; if you would like to contribute, please notify me. I will not hardlink a section that does not have a corresponding node, though I do plan on filling in the missing information, and improving on weaker writeups. If you are an editor or god, and would like to let me know that I missed something or did something wrong, please notify me so I can change whatever needs changing. Thanks in advance!

I am in the process of reorganizing everything into a more organized, army-based format, as soon as all my research of the army books is complete.

Games Workshop: The Company

Games Workshop: The People

Games Workshop: The Events

Games Workshop: The Games

Games Workshop: The Worlds

Warhammer 40K

Warhammer Fantasy Battle

If you spotted something missing, incorrect, etc, please msg me and I will correct it ASAP. Also, if you do write anything related to Games Workshop or their games, please let me know so I can link it here.

Last updated: October 03, 2003

Thanks to Ryouga for his great example of what a metanode should be: J.R.R. Tolkien! Also thanks to misuba, amib, Kage Prototype, 409, OberonDarksoul, B-Wing King and Spasemunki.

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