Reaver Titans are huge mecha war machines from games workshop's Warhammer 40k universe. They appear in its epic series of 6mm scale games. The miniature that represents them comes in the form of a multi-part lead-based or more recently, "white metal" kit, with interchangeable weapons, heads, and shoulder pads. Because of the soft metal used to mold them, they can easily be modelled into some very dynamic poses, making them excellent miniatures. They will also take some of the weapons made for the Warlord titan, but not all, which fits rather nicely with the rules.

Reavers are over 80 feet tall, mount three main weapons and are protected by four void shields, powerful energy shields a little like those seen in star trek, but layered so that when one fails there is another left beneath it. They are less numerous, smaller and less well armoured than the Warlord Titans that make up the majority of the Titan Legions of the human Imperium. However, they have some advantages over the Warlord, and they are still a worthy opponent for any of the Titans fielded by the other major races of the Warhammer 40k universe. Their major advantage is that they place the vulnerable plasma reactor, the main weak spot of imperial Titans, at the rear of the Titan, rather than in the front where it is placed on the Warlord. This means that the Reaver is not as vulnerable to armour-piercing hits from the front as the Warlord can be. However, the reactor itself is not as well armoured as it is on the Warlord, and the main heat sink is an easy target from the side or rear. This means that the Reaver must make use of its greater manoeuvrability to avoid exposing its vulnerable areas to the enemy, and makes it unsuitable for the close environments encountered in city-fighting, where an enemy can easily attack unexpectedly from behind. In the open battlefield, the Reaver does not suffer any great disadvantage, as it must face the enemy to bring its firepower to bear anyway.

The Reaver can mount many of the same weapons as the Warlord, but due to its lighter weight and smaller reactor it cannot mount many of the heavier weapons that the Warlord carries. It is also incapable of carrying most of the specialised siege weaponry and other special equipment that makes the Warlord such a powerful tool. Despite this, it is an effective fighting machine, as it can use its greater speed to increase the effectiveness of short-ranged weaponry that would only be useful for defence on the slower Warlord. Individually, Reavers can be vulnerable, as to be effective against armour they must sacrifice any anti-infantry firepower, or vice versa . For this reason, Reavers are deployed as battlegroups of three Titans more often than the heavier Warlords. In this role, one can be equipped for long range firefights with other Titans while the other two carry weaponry suited to a steady advance into the range of the powerful close-range anti-tank weapons such as plasma blastguns that they commonly carry. Many other such tactical combinations of weaponry are possible, making a Reaver battlegroup a flexible and powerful part of the arsenal of the Titan Legions.

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