Mordheim is a very basic set of wargame rules focusing on adventures within the ruined city from which the game gets its name.

The City of Mordheim was destroyed by the wrath of the god Sigmar, embodied in a twin-tailed comet which crashed to earth within the city. Fragments of that comet, called wyrdstone or warpstone by those who investigated the ruins, contain a strange energy which, though magically potent, is also very dangerous. Prolonged exposure (including living within the ruins of Mordheim, can cause bizzare mutations and dementia.

Each player is given an initial allowance with which to hire and equip a warband. What types of units and equipment can be bought depend on the type of warband being created (see below). Warbands are made up of heroes and henchmen. Heroes are bought individually, while henchmen are bought in groups.

Scenarios in the game mainly involve entering the ruins and driving off other warbands while yours scavenges for loot and Wyrdstone. The basic rules are fairly sparse, but a large fan base has created a plethora of optional rules, new warbands, and new scenarios.

Unit types and characteristics from the basic rules:

  • Human Mercenaries (Marienburg) - Extra initial funds.
  • Human Mercenaries (Reikland) - Brave, disciplined, and highly skilled.
  • Human Mercenaries (Middenheim) - Strong berserkers.
  • Skaven (Rat Men) - Good distance attacks, fast, magic.
  • Witch Hunters - Great morale, magic.
  • Sisters of Sigmar - Determination, magic.
  • Undead - Powerful leader, cause fear, diverse units.
  • Cult of the Possessed - Mutations.
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