The Warhammer 40K game from Games Workshop and Citadel Minatures has branched out- into Collectable Card Games, where you build your deck from a collection of available cards and play againsta an opponent with a deck he has made, also called CCG and TCGs.

It's made by Sabertooth Games-, and has 4 races to play, currently; the Eldar, a race of technologically advanced aliens, Space Marines, who are humans in special armour, Orks, Green, pig-faced nasty aliens who are like Orcs from fantasy games, and Chaos, Corrupt space marines with Tyranids (Think Alien aliens)and Imperial Guard, (normal humans) as of Feburary 2002.

The game also runs on a special "Rank" System on the web site, which works quite well. The plot is basically this:

There is a very strategic placed and/or resourced planet, called Pandora Prime. All the races want it. They didn't even think of using diplomats.

Basic, but a reason, nonetheless. The game lasts 4 deceptively short "turns", during which players fight it out, play cards from their hands, and such. It can last a fair amount of time, but the rules are incredibly easy to pick up. Using a "No-Dice Dice system", a way that features the number of a dice roll on a card which are then used for random effects as seen in games like 5 Rings Focus Values, Young Jedi and Star Wars CCG Destiny and others, it resolves many problems. The game also has an unusual style using 2 hands rather than one like most TCGs, and uses a Battle Action system, alternating in players playing cards and abilities to resolve battles, similair to those seen in 5 rings; however, instead of using entirely seperate cards for both, it prints both types on the one card. To win is a simple sounding, but difficult thing: Take over the world (or most of it), by taking control of (by sheer force) 3 sectors, by first having around 3 "Flags" at a sector, and second by having more "flags" than the enemy.

Starters, which you should pick up to even start the game, are fixed with all the cards you need to start. They are perfectly playable, and cost $9:99(£7:50 where I bought them), boosters are 12-cards (1 rare, 3 uncommon, 8 common for $3:25 (£2:50). 1 in 6 contain Foils. Fixed Decks are 60 cards including your race's card and your sectors.

Again, like 5 rings and others, it has a Redemption System of sending off Booster and Starter packs for cool stuff.

Rules to play come from:

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