Inquisitor is a skirmish wargame developed by Games Workshop. Set in their Warhammer 40 000 universe, it centres around the work of the Imperial Inquisition as they attempt to root out "the enemy within, the enemy without, and the enemy beyond".

Unlike most Games Workshop wargames it uses 60mm tall miniatures instead of 30mm Warhammer scale, and places the emphasis on narrative rather than martial prowess. Its inclusion of a GM to oversee the action and the fine level of detail the rules allow for have led GW to dub it a "narrative role-playing game", although in my humble opinion its similarities to more traditional RPGs are minimal.

The rules are based around d6en and d100s. Each character has a number of actions that can be taken per turn (the number is based on their Agility score). After the player declares what the chraracter is going to do, roll a d6 for each action; a score of 4+ means that the character was successful. The character may perform a number of actions equal to the number of successes. If they got stuck reloading or looking round a corner, they have to stay like that 'til next turn. A d100 is used whenever a character needs to test against an attribute.

In*quis"i*tor (?), n. [L.: cf. F. inquisiteur. See Inquire.]


An inquisitive person; one fond of asking questions.

[R.] "Inquisitors are tatlers."


2. Law

One whose official duty it is to examine and inquire, as coroners, sheriffs, etc.

Mozley & W.

3. R.C.Ch.

A member of the Court of Inquisition.


© Webster 1913.

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