Babylon 5 Season 2, Episode 21. Written by J. Michael Straczynski, directed by Mike Vejar. Originally aired on October 25, 1995. Received an Emmy nomination for cinematography.

Primary Plot: Kosh tests Delenn's allegience by sending an inquisitor to interrogate her.

Secondary Plot: Garibaldi helps G'Kar arrange a location for transfer of illegal weapons to help the Narn cause.

Commentary: I always thought this episode was a little farfetched...the Vorlons are thousands of years ahead of the humans and the Minbari in advancement and technology, and they need to send some goof from 18th century England to interrogate her? I mean, yeah, it's a neat excuse to have Jack the Ripper in a Babylon 5 episode, but to me it always just seemed a little farfetched.

The methods the inquisitor uses to interrogate Delenn are pretty interesting, though--repeatedly asking "Who are you?" and refusing to accept the same answer twice. Psychologists have been known to use similar techniques in order to peel away the various layers of self-perception until what's left is yourself, not just the roles you play in life for others.

The secondary plot is good; it's really the first time the B5 command staff starts taking outside political matters into their own hands. I love the shot in the lift when G'Kar slices his hand in front of a horrified Vir.

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